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During a tooth emergency, it can be difficult to know what to do when we're in the moment. Below is outlined some common-sense guidance about some common scenarios, but you should always consult with your Glendale, AZ dentist, Dr. Neda Delavari at Lifetime Smiles.

For a Damaged Tooth

This is when teeth become chipped or cracked and it is typically not an emergency situation unless you are experiencing pain or the edge of your tooth is particularly sharp. As it can cut your cheeks. Your dentist can fix your tooth with dental bonding, or a veneer or a crown if your tooth is heavily damaged.

For a Knocked-Out Tooth

When you lose a tooth it's important first of all to find it as it can usually be placed back into its socket. Caring for your lost tooth is the next step to improve the chances that it will successfully reattach. This includes not handling it by the root so as to not damage the soft tissue. it's also necessary to keep it from drying, this can be done by placing it in a container with milk, but if that's not available you can hold it between your gums and your cheek, being very careful not to accidentally swallow it. The final step is of course contacting your dentist as quickly as possible.

For Tooth Pain

Toothache can happen as a result of injury or decay, or another underlying dental problem. So determining the source of the pain is the goal as you visit your dentist, but in the meantime, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication can help manage it. But call your dentist right away if the pain is severe or accompanied by swelling and fever. When a tooth becomes infected it can be treated with a root canal, which removes the infected soft tissue of your tooth in order to save it. It will require a filling but more often a crown to protect it.

Preventing Injuries

Many times accidents are unavoidable, that's the whole idea behind them. But there is a lot we can do to prevent certain dental problems. Mouth guards can provide protection during sports and night guards can help with grinding which slowly wears away tooth structure. A lot of injuries can happen when we start using our teeth as tools, which they are not. Hard foods can crack a tooth if we are not careful, so avoiding them is of course a good idea.

Tooth Emergencies in Glendale, AZ

Whether you're experiencing a tooth emergency or wish to do everything you can to prevent them, you can contact Dr. Neda Delavari at Lifetime Smiles in Glendale, AZ.

If You Have Experienced A Tooth Emergency And Are In Pain, Call Lifetime Smiles In Glendale, AZ At (623) 878-6000 Today For Emergency Care!

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